What we do


Redefining how people of color meet to FALL in LIKE & STAY in LOVE

Falling BLK in Love hosts unique experiences for people of color to connect in authentic and fun ways to meet someone new, fall in like and stay in love. We are dedicated to providing unmatched experiences that make you laugh, learn and engage with someone new. You can expect a Falling BLK in Love event to have some type of twist on the usual. It’s what we do!

Check out our past events

Annual Singles Social (NJ 2019)

Chapter 1: The First Date

Our signature event, Chapter 1: The First Date was all about connecting on a deeper level, building a foundation for falling in LIKE and staying in LOVE. Attendees had a chance to see each other silly, uncomfortable, serious and break through uncomfortable conversations with our very own FBIL Chapter 1 Conversation Starter Cards!


Sweat and Connect, Battle of the sexes (NJ 2019)

One of our smaller events, guests had a chance to participate in a Battle of the Sexes workout together. Throughout the workout, guests were partnered up, sweaty and ready to connect afterward over food.


The Dating GAME IS B(L)ACK: Live Black Dating Game SHow

Remember the classic 70’s game show, The Dating Game? Well, we took it and made it our own! Contestants were blindfolded while the audience helped them to figure out who to select to go on a pre-paid and pre-planned date.